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Delicacies from the Emilia Region

Cooked shoulder 1,2 kg ca
Code: : C143
Spalla Cotta is such a pleasant cured meat to the point that it is irresistible if eaten hot. It is advisable to immerse the Spalla Cotta slice still under vacuum and let it heat for about 20 minutes. Then slice it with a knife cut not too thin, its flavor, its tenderness, will hit you. It is suggested to accompany it with a piece of hot focaccia.

Price for Kg. 20,50 €

24,60 €
Pancetta cured 600 g ca
Code: : C127
Pancetta boasts a sweet aroma, of remarkable softness and delicacy thanks to its noble fat vein. Essential in many traditional Italian recipes.

Price for Kg. 15,80 €

9,48 €
Ciccioli frolli 200 g
Code: : C199
Shortcrust cracklings are a typical specialty of Emilia Romagna. Greaves are an exquisite food, born as food for the poorest, now they are considered a delicacy even by the most discerning palates. Obtained from the fusion of pig fats and from the filtration of lard, the shortcrust cracklings are an appetizer suitable both as an appetizer or as a hunger-breaker snack.
3,80 €
Cicciolata 500 g ca
Code: : C126
Cicciolata is a cured meat that comes in square pieces, brown in color, with lighter parts and others slightly darker. To cut it, however, it does not take much effort, as it is a salami with a soft, almost grainy consistency, which melts in the mouth and has a rich and aromatic flavor.

Price for Kg. 13,80 €

6,90 €
Pig cheek 800 g ca
Code: : C145
The symbol of the Roman culinary tradition: with a typical triangular shape, with a spicy and decisive flavor, able to give an extra touch to the dishes. The bacon is crossed by lean veins of muscle and a component of valuable fat that gives the product a high quality. Ideal for enhancing the typical taste of traditional Roman dishes.

Price for Kg. 18,80 €

15,04 €
Zampone pre-cooked 1 kg ca
Code: : C130
The zampone is prepared with a mixture of pork (throat, bacon, shoulder, head) flavored with salt and spices. It has a firm and uniform consistency with a bright pink to red color.
It is soft when cut and the slices are compact, uniform in grain size and pinkish in color tending to red. The flavor is characteristic, with a very intense and aromatic taste.
9,00 €
Cotechino pre-cooked 500 g ca
Code: : C142
Cotechino has a cylindrical shape. When cut, the slices are compact, with uniform grain, pink in color characterized by parts tending to red. The taste is distinctive. Cotechino is one of the tastiest winter dishes and is one of the dishes that make up the famous boiled meat.
Cotechino is a culinary tradition on New Year's Eve, when it is accompanied by lentils which are a symbol of luck and wealth.
5,20 €
seasoned lard 700 g ca
Code: : C141
Pork lard seasoned with herbs, is processed using pork fat, salted, spiced and sprinkled with aromatic herbs. Excellent to be enjoyed thinly sliced ​​on toasted bread or croutons, for filling roasts or as an ingredient for soups and broths.

Price for Kg. 15,90 €

11,13 €
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